Develop Dover Group and Partner Companies websites using Content Management System

  • Business Problem
    1. To redevelop group and partner companies multiple websites using Content Management System.
    2. Develop rich features like common user management system, supplier portal, vendor portal, workflows and Product Configurator.

  • IIC Action/Advantage
    1. Great Competency in Commercial Content Management System.
    2. Excellent combination of experienced resources from Programmer, Graphics designers and testers.
    3. Comprehensive experience of hosting on Amazon cloud.
    4. Flexibility of discussion meetings during US morning time.

  • Technologies used:
    1. .NET Framework 3.5/4.0, C#, iApps CMS and SQL Server 2005/2008

  • Benefits
    1. Experienced Partner (IIC plans 20+ websites in 2012)
    2. One stop solution
    3. Significantly less cost

SharePoint Installation and Development for Dover Company

  • Business Problem:
    1. To install and maintain a web based portal, which can integrate different company's applications and allow the user a one-stop experience for information..
    2. Create Production and Development environment
    3. Develop various dashboard and reports for a wide range/levels of users

  • IIC Actions:
    1. Successfully installed and configured SharePoint 2010 on Sargent server
    2. Integrated existing ASP.NET slick web application in to SharePoint site
    3. Implemented User based Security
    4. Created reusable and customized web parts for implementing external application in SharePoint 2010
    5. Created a database driven application in SharePoint where user can easily interact with SQL database.

  • Technologies used:
    1. Windows server 2008, SharePoint 2010, .NET Framework 3.0, Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, ASP. Net 3.0, Ajax ToolKit 3.0 ,SQL Server 2005/2008

  • Benefits:
    1. Without any SharePoint expertise @ Dover Company, successful installation and maintenance of SharePoint Server.
    2. Easy future support and integration of any existing application to SharePoint.
    3. Maintenance by pool of experts instead of any company individual onsite.

Develop a Product Manual for, which can be distributed on CD/DVD and internally managed by a Content Management System

  • Business Problem:
    1. Develop Product Manual for Dover Company, which will define various product categories and associate documents with it.

  • IIC Actions:
    1. Develop a complete web based solution along with content management system, which can generate a standalone application to be distributed via CD/DVD without the need for any installation.
    2. Content management system allows the Administrator to manage adding product categories and subcategories and documents in the application.
    3. Design the application as per the Dover Company website look and feel.

  • Technologies used:
    1. Windows server 2003, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET 4.0 ,HTML, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax

  • Benefits:
    1. Easy distribution of the application with no installation required.
    2. Easy for Administrator to change / upload contents.
    3. Ability to print the complete manual as per the defined product category structure.

Smartphone Development for refering technical manuals and sending it to users

  • Business Case:
    1. Develop iPhone native mobile application for Dover Company to refer technical manuals and send selected manuals onsite to users by mail.

  • IIC Actions:
    1. Build an iPhone native application where the technical manuals are categorized by various products and appear based upon the user expertise level.
    2. Provide the functionality to email the manual and restrict them based upon the level.
    3. Host the iPhone application on intranet (SharePoint server) for internal use

  • Technologies used:
    1. Xcode, Objective-C, Mac-OS

  • Benefits:
    1. Ease of installing the application on iPhone from internet
    2. Easy to read documents once application is installed on phone
    3. Easy to send one or more documents via email
    4. For any other interested Dover companies for similar application, customization and implementation time will be significantly less.