Website Development with commercial Content Management System

Moving away from the conventional static website development, we embraced the CMS way of website development giving our clients high returns at minimum cost. By entering into a strategic partnership with BridgeLine Digital software, we took the website development to a new level with CMS, which was proven very successful.

We provide end-to-end solution from concept development to deployment and training. The process starts with the existing website audit which identifies possible improvements from usability, content design and being on par with the competitor's presence on web. Subsequently the design is finalized through multiple iterations and implemented using iApps CMS.

Within a span of 9 months, we have developed 9 websites with CMS and their respective login portals. In the same span, another 5 websites have progressed up to 80% of the development.

After the brilliant success of iApps Webpage Content Management System that resulted in tremendous customer satisfaction, we have now incorporated their e-commerce, Analyzer and Marketier module to boost our customer's online shopping systems.

SharePoint Development and Administration

SharePoint is emerging as a strong platform to become a one-stop company portal for accessing any company resources. By using SharePoint, a strong collaboration can happen across multiple resources and applications throughout the company.

IIC is having a team of SharePoint developers who comes from a very strong .Net and C# background. We provide SharePoint Administration support, remote installations, developing SharePoint applications, workflows and integration of external applications into SharePoint. Presently working for couple of Dover companies for SharePoint Development and Administration.


In collaboration with an external SharePoint expert vendor, we are able to execute the complex requirements and provide faster solutions. With the support of SharePoint Architecture and Designers in the background, IIC is taking this competency to a new higher level by becoming the preferred partner for Dover companies for any SharePoint requirements.

Web and Windows Application Development

We provide customized solutions using latest technologies for both web and windows platforms. In the past few years, we have evolved the processes and specialized individuals to provide the best quality output.

Our experienced software professionals, who have very good problem solving skills, provide solutions for different windows and web applications.


From gathering requirements to delivery, we are a team of highly professional individuals ready to be flexible and assist in any problem solution skilled in a variety of technologies like C#, VB, Java etc to name a few both in windows and web.

Lotus Notes Development

Lotus Notes provides integrated collaboration functionality, including email, calendaring, contacts management, to do tracking, instant messaging, an office productivity suite, and access to other Lotus Domino applications and databases.


We provide Lotus Notes development support for multiple Dover companies in various modes.
1) Applications with common design and same data for multiple Dover companies.
2) Applications with common design and different data
3) Application with different design and different data.

The above models bring a lot of opportunity to syergize among multiple Dover companies and significantly reduce the development efforts. We have the expertise from Architect and Designer level to provide Lotus Notes solutions. We developed applications for both Notes Client as well as web based solutions using X-Pages.

Smart Phone Applications (iOS & Android)

Due to competitive market, customer needs faster response and smartphones can help in terms of using the phone as a business device to do their day to day business operations.


IIC provide smartphone solutions using native API of iOS and Android operating systems. We also provide solutions for cross platform using Sencha Framework. We provide secure solutions using web services to access data from the centralized repository. We also provide web based smartphone solutions.

We offer support for application deployment on the apps store based upon the individual company requirements.

Product Configuration Framework

Product Configurator enables companies to efficiently sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. Product Configurator is based on a ground-breaking rules-based system approach to product configuration, which enables customers to solve their engineering and manufacturing configuration challenges and then streamline product selection and sales configuration processes.

In the past, we have developed the product selector, product filter and product configurator with in-house developed Content Management System.

With the experience gained by executing product selector/filter solutions, we are building our own product configurator framework targeting to provide services that will serve the needs of multiple Dover companies. We have conceptualized and developed it.

Plug-In for Mechanical Design Software

Many companies using mechanical design software are spending a lot of effort and time on repetitive, redundant and trivial tasks. Custom Plug-ins can automate manual process and save valuable time and money.

IIC has the required capabilities to offer services to develop any such utilities for multiple Mechanical Design software using their native APIs. Recently we have released the package for Solid Edge and Solid Works to offer multiple features. It includes excel Reports, Batch Printing, Copy Job and modifying properties of multiple part assemblies. For more details, please see our plugins page

Website Hosting/Maintenance/SEO

IIC offers website hosting and maintenance services using Amazon cloud. These servers are located in the USA and provide very high speed access. Through sharing among multiple Dover companies, we are able to offer it at a very attractive price.

IIC also offers quality Search Engine Optimization / SEO Services and Internet Marketing Solutions. Our dedicated team of SEO Professionals ensure guaranteed Top 10 search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our SEO Processes are designed in view of the Google SEO guidelines, and white hat SEO techniques.