Embedded development for HW and FW

EE Excellence Center specializes in customized embedded development for various types of business needs.

We have the capability to support all type of RTOS, currently we are supporting WinCE 7.0 with Board support packages (BSP) and device driver development for emerging market products. We are also supporting component object model (COM) technologies.

Some of the areas, where we are providing the services:
  • WinCE development
  • Multithread RTOS based Embedded software solutions
  • Microcontroller based solutions
  • VLSI (PLD) based solutions
  • Hardware design and development with Multilayer PCB design.

Obsolescence Management

Electronics Components have lower lifecycle compared to typical life of Dover company products. Products installed in the field or being produced need to be supported to address the obsolescence and availability issues of electronic components in a proactive manner so that the situation can be handled before it becomes critical.

EE-Excellence Center has in depth knowledge and experience in handling obsolescence management for any product. We currently support:
  1. BOM health check-up
    • BOM health check-up for Electronic part obsolescence
    • Solutions for Obsolete parts
    • RoHS compliance check
    • Electronic part availability and lead time check
  2. Cost optimization

PLC Automation

EE team has expertise with Mitsubishi, Alan Bradley & Omron PLCS. We are presently working on Platform conversion from Omron PLC to IFM PLC.

System Prototype development

EE-Excellence Center has an in depth knowledge and experience in designing and developing ideas into a real prototype. We have done multiple projects which start with a design idea and the EE team came up with detailed concepts, algorithms, specifications and implemented proof of concept (PoC) and prototype.

PCB Design

We are experts in PCB schematic layouts and qualification. We have proven capabilities in designing multilayer PCBS with the following expertise.

  • Multi-layer boards design
  • Rigid and flexible circuits
  • FPGA, DSP based PCB Design
  • Digital / Analog / Mixed / RF Circuits.
  • SMD PCB Design.
  • High Density PCBs
  • Thermal Analysis
  • EMI/EMC Analysis and Qualification
  • Multi-board SI analysis
  • Die part creations for Silicon or Ceramic surfaces

Production test fixtures

In software development, engineering, and manufacturing it is very important to test the product properly before shipping it to the customers. Hence test fixture is one of the important elements in validating the project.

EE-Excellence Center has a great experience in designing various test fixtures for multiples products to support the operating companies to validate the products in-house.