System Testing

  • Business Problem:
    1. Customers were constantly reporting bugs.
    2. Product releases to field were not smooth - bugs, returns etc.
    3. No dedicated team to perform regression testing.
  • IIC Action/Advantage:
    1. Testing team formed.
    2. Created a permanent Test Lab and worked towards implementing test processes.
    3. Trained the team in domain and Products and then started with the first project.
    4. Much smoother product releases to field - Excellent feedback from Customers.
  • Tools and Test Methodologies used:
    1. Black Box Testing
    2. VSTS 2010 - CodedUI
    3. TFS
  • Benefits:
    1. Smooth release to the field.
    2. Issues caught in the test lab than at the customer's end.
    3. Helped the development team focus on core designing activities.

Web based product to manage business transactions from a central location

  • Objective:
    1. Develop web based applications to allow customers to manage different fueling sites from a central location
  • IIC Action:
    1. Web based application with SQL database, which allows storing multiple sites data.
    2. Multi Language Support: English, French and Spanish.
    3. Multi user based application
    4. Group level restriction for the application
    5. Reporting feature lets the user to report on multiple sites at one time and schedule the printing of reports and export data
  • Benefits:
    1. Provides communications through modem, Ethernet or direct connection to collect data.
    2. Compatible with multiple Operating Systems - Windows® XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server Vista and Windows® 7
    3. Export transactions in Excel, CSV and XML
    4. Multi-level access and security features

Developed QNX/Linux based HMI

  • Objective:
    1. Developed a simulator to test the delivery locally before delivering it to the customer.
  • IIC Action:
    1. Re-Engineered the existing Windows based HMI and created the process flow diagram.
    2. Improvised the existing design and created new High Level and Low Level Design.
    3. Adopted the agile methodology to develop the QNX based HMI in an iterative and incremental manner.
    4. Developed simulator to test the delivery locally before delivering it to customer.
  • Benefits:
    1. Improved upon the existing product by an extended R&D team without losing focus on the daily business.
    2. The QNX platform is the new generation platform for all new generation machines. Therefore all the new handlers use the QNX based HMI.
    3. Documentation has been created and a complete software process flow is created and delivered to the customer.


  • Business Problem
    1. To develop a Tool with demanding calculations with intuitive user interface using the latest and advanced technology.
    2. Integrate with Sales force and other business systems.
    3. Data Encryption and Security.
  • IIC Action/Advantage:
    1. Good knowledge of the domain from the user perspective.
    2. Strong and experienced team which has a hands on technical experience in terms of Project Management, Estimation, UI designing, Implementation, Testing and Deployment.
    3. Comprehensive experience in package and deployment of the application
    4. Flexibility in discussing with the counterpart during European Time.
  • Technologies used:
    1. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Framework 3.5/4.0, C#
    2. SQL Server 2005/2008
    3. XML & Web Services
    4. Clickonce Deployment
    5. Team Foundation Server (TFS 2010)

  • Benefits:
    1. Faster time to Market without interrupting regular operations.
    2. Experienced and dedicated team for their apps, leading to on time deliveries.
    3. Flexible group to handle multiple/changed requirements
    4. Significantly less cost