offshore research and development

Due to tremendous pressure of daily activities, customer calls and active customer interface, many companies are challenged to transform the concepts into fully functional products that can help to strengthen their portfolio.

Our Product Software dedicated teams can help bringing these technology-based products to market faster by working in the background. We follow agile methodology to constantly evolve the product with regular customer interaction and utilizing our technology expertise e.g. Object Oriented design, open standards, latest Microsoft Technologies etc.

We ensure that during the complete product lifecycle, customer has the full control on the project resources, which includes the development team, source code, documentation and any other processes.

Application Integration & Maintenance

Many Dover companies are using the applications, which were built a long time before, and their technology is outdated in the current scenario. These applications has been patched by multiple individuals and updated several times over several years. This scenario ultimately reduces productivity, introduces risk of data loss or compromise and decreases reliability and agility.

Our application integration and maintenance services optimize your resources while reducing risks and delivering a unified business process and workflow.

We work as an extended team to Dover companies that are working around the clock to maximize the value of your technology solutions. This enables you to keep your business running without additional overhead. More importantly, it allows your team to focus on more strategic issues.

Software Re-engineering

Despite the fact that technology advancements (via updates, upgrades and patches) can provide exceptional benefits to your business, they can be very challenging to manage. Businesses often find that maintaining older applications can be extremely time and resource intensive but aren't sure they can afford the cost, time or business process impact of replacing existing systems. But, outdated technologies and continued patch-work maintenance of an IT infrastructure can hamper your ability to respond and measure up to dynamic business forces and can expose your business to risk.

For companies looking to overcome these complex hurdles and streamline legacy systems and business applications, we offer affordable, full-scale software re-engineering services that can migrate the technology, database platform, realigning legacy systems, operating systems and hardware platforms. We have the technical skills, tools and methodology to transform your business into a more efficient operation without compromising your existing business rules and practices.

Software Quality Assurance(QA) & Testing

As per Industry standards, the cost of defect correction is 20 times in Post release when compared to System testing. With increasing complex products and competitive market, the Development team requires more time to focus on development activities than just performing confirmation testing of issues fixed and ignoring the bigger system testing to make sure the changes do not affect the working software.

QA Team does the regress validation work thus giving an unbiased view of functionality, robustness of the product and predictable software quality. The QA team helps companies increase focus on their core activities of designing and developing better solutions to customers.

IIC teams have created test labs to validate the products that we build in SCADA systems, HMI/GUI, RTU host data communications, Industrial automation and control systems, standard Fieldbus control systems, Fuel management and control systems. QA team has expertise in both Manual and Automated Testing.